Community Serving Small Business Concierge Service

Los Angeles County launched the Community-Serving Small Business Concierge Service to provide eligible small business projects with a streamlined permit process. The program aims to streamline the permitting process for small business projects that will deliver specific community benefits to local residents, including:

  1. Projects that create climate-resilient jobs leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Projects that create opportunities for wealth-building through small business ownership and development while prioritizing community benefits for historically marginalized communities
  3. Prioritize projects and opportunities to enhance and improve environmental quality in communities disadvantaged by persistent pollution and health risk challenges according to CalEnvironscreen Data
  4. Prioritize projects for individuals in highest-need census tracts according to the COVID-19 Vulnerability and Recover Index
  5. Projects that allow for employee-ownership of shared business ownership models
  6. Projects that support microentrepreneur restaurants and bars including small craft brewers

The program provides a single-point entry concierge service to eligible projects. The concierge team from the Departments of Economic Opportunity, Regional Planning, Public Works, Public Health, and the Fire Department will provide technical assistance in processing both project entitlements and issuing permits at all points of construction.

Aligned with the County’s Anti-Racism Diversity and Inclusion (ARDI) Initiative Strategic Plan, the program utilizes ARDI's equity tools to measure outcomes and impacts. This approach ensures that service delivery is grounded in equity, with a focus on historically marginalized communities and those in high-need census tracts according to the COVID-19 Vulnerability and Recovery Index.

Application Instructions:

  1. To apply for a Community Serving Small Business Application, please click here for the DRP Base Application – Permits & Reviews.
  2. For first-time EPIC-LA user, register with EPIC-LA to set up an account
  3. Start the application by clicking the Appy button and follow the instructions in filling out the general project descriptions.
  4. In More Information Section of the Application, please type in "Community Serving Small Business" in Project Description and check the Community Serving Small Business Concierge Service box. All required fields must be answered.
  5. Fill out the Concierge Service Questionnaire form (Concierge Service Questionnaire Form) and submit as an attachment.
  6. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed for eligibility. If the project meets the eligibility criteria, then an inter-departmental counseling meeting will be scheduled with the applicant to assist in the permit process.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Department of Economic Opportunity – Office of Small Business at email

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